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Review of the FUR Dry Dog Towel By FURminator

Turns Wet Pooches Into Dry Doggies

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FUR Dry Dog Towel

BD wearing his FUR Dry Dog Towel.

Barb Nefer

Every dog owner knows that distinctive wet dog smell. Dogs have to do their business, whether it's a bright, sunny day or a monsoon outside. When they have to go out in the rain, you're stuck with a wet, dripping pooch who's just dying to shake all that water off onto the furniture, or maybe even on you.

Towels are the usual solution, but the company that makes FURminator Deshedders for dogs, cats, and small animals has gone a step further. They developed the FUR Dry Dog Towel, a special wearable towel for canines of any size. No need to use up towels when your dog can have his very own doggie wrap to dry off.

Trying On The FUR Dry

I selected my neighbor's dog, BD, as the test pooch for the FUR Dry Dog Towel. He's a mild mannered dog, and he had no problem with a test fitting of the large sized FUR Dry (it comes in puppy, small, medium, large, and giant sizes). The cushy blue FUR Dry reminded me a bit of a dog Snuggie, and BD seemed very comfortable wearing it.

We let BD run around the house a bit in the FUR Dry, even though he wasn't wet, and it didn't impede him at all. It passed the comfort test, so all that remained was to try out its doggie drying ability.

Would the FUR Dry perform up to our expectations? Could it really dry BD more efficiently than a traditional toweling? There are plenty of pet products on infomercials and in pet stores that make some big claims, and some hold up while others don't. I had high hopes for the FUR Dry because I've had great results with other FURminator products.

This Wrap Soaks Up A Lot Of Water

In a few days, my neighbor was able to test the FUR Dry's true purpose. Sure, it looks cute to dress your pup up in a blue canine Jedi robe, but this wrap's real function is to dry off wet coats. In Florida, we're always just a day or two away from the next downpour, and sure enough, we soon had a rousing thunderstorm that poured buckets on our neighborhood.

Poor BD! As our designated research pooch, he was left out in the yard until his coat was good and soaked. Then his owner let the bedraggled dog back into the house and used the FUR Dry on him. The microfiber material was truly amazing in its capacity to wick water away from his hair. It dried him much more quickly and comfortably than the usual towels.

BD's body hair is fairly short but very dense, which means it likes to hold water, but the FUR Dry did an admirable job of transforming him from wet and stinky into dry and comfortable.

A Very Versatile Towel

The FUR Dry Dog Towel is a very versatile towel. While drying off your pet after a rainy jaunt outdoors is the obvious use, it's also perfect for bath time or for dogs who love it play in lakes, puddles, or any other water they can find.

A small FUR Dry Dog Towel would probably be good for cats, too. However, I didn't try it out on any of my feline brood because they're not big bath fans, and they're strictly indoor pets, so the closest they get to rain is watching it out the window.

Expect to pay between $30 and $60 for the FUR Dry, depending on the size you need and where you purchase it. It's sold online, as well as in major pet stores like Petco.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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