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Laser Chase Cat Toy Review

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Laser Chase laser cat toy

The Petsport USA Laser Chase laser cat toy comes with a belt hook and spare batteries.

Barb Nefer

The Bottom Line

Playing with your cat strengthens your bond and gives your frisky feline some exercise. The Laser Chase is one of the easiest ways to play with your cat because it gives your pet a workout while you kick back, relax, and watch the fun.
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  • Simple to use
  • Reasonably priced around $6
  • Comes with extra batteries
  • Most cats love it


  • Belt hook is not needed


  • Button-operated red laser pointer
  • Comes with belt clip
  • Spare batteries included

Guide Review - Laser Chase Cat Toy Review

Most of the time I like to interact directly with my cats when we play. My youngest cat fetches as well as any canine retriever, and all four felines love interactive string toys. But sometimes I'm busy when they want to play and need a quick, easy option. That's when I grab the Laser Chase and have them running all over the kitchen and family room and up the staircase while I sit across the room.

Batteries Included

The Laser Chase cat toy is a standard model laser pointer that projects a red dot wherever you aim it. It includes a belt clip, which I didn't see a need for, and a set of replacement batteries, which is invaluable. I hate running around looking for the right replacement when devices with those funny little button cells die.

Simple to Use

This toy is an absolute no-brainer to operate. Just aim it somewhere in front of your cat, hold down the button, and let the fun begin. Three of my four cats are crazy about the Laser Chase, and the fourth is old and arthritic so he doesn't go crazy for anything anymore. Even the old guy will bat his paw if I move the laser around right in front of him. The others chase it up and down the stairs, across the floor, and even literally climb the walls for it.

Cats Love It

My cats quickly learn to recognize their favorite toys, and the Laser Chase is no exception. I keep it on a kitchen shelf, and they eagerly gather round whenever I reach for it. They know that when I point the little metal tube, it somehow releases that elusive red dot that loves to torment them. It takes a long play session before they finally get bored with the laser pointer, and sometimes I give up before they do.

Mix Things Up

I've heard of cats who initially like the laser, but lose interest when they realize they never catch it. This hasn't been a problem for me yet, but I mix laser pointer games with traditional toys. My felines have plenty of chances to be successful hunters of the fearsome catnip mouse or elusive mini feather boa, so they don't mind that somehow the Laser Chase always gets away.

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