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Yesterday's News Original Formula Cat Litter Review

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Yesterday's News Cat Litter

Yesterday's News Cat Litter pellets in a litter box.

Barb Nefer

The Bottom Line

Yesterday's News, made by Purina, is an effective product if your cats are flexible in their litter preferences and you clean your litter boxes daily. It's also a good choice if you are asthmatic and have problems with litter dust.

Don't expect the convenience of a clumping litter or the odor control of standard brands, but you'll have the satisfaction of helping the planet since it's made from recycled paper.

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  • Made from recycled material like newspaper and phone books
  • Virtually no dust
  • Less tracking than smaller litter pieces
  • Larger pieces are easy to sweep


  • Some cats may not accept it
  • Does not prevent urine odor
  • Does not quickly dry out feces


  • Cat litter made from recycled paper, including newspaper and phone books
  • Litter consists of dark-colored, rounded pellets rather than sand, clay or crystal litter
  • Non-clumping formula
  • Small bags start at $4, medium bags start at $6, and large bags start at $19

Guide Review - Yesterday's News Original Formula Cat Litter Review

My cats often track their litter, so clumping formulas turn my house into a beach and crystals are hard on bare feet. Recently I saw a product called Yesterday's News, made from recycled newspaper, phone books and other discarded paper products, that came in larger pellets. I decided to give it a try to see if it reduced tracking and kept the odors of a multi-cat household sufficiently at bay.

Quick Acceptance

I have four cats and five litter boxes in which I normally use crystal litter, with good odor control, although the crystals are always crunching under my feet. I switched two boxes over to Yesterday's News. The company recommends a slow switchover process of mixing their product with your current litter, then gradually increasing the amount of new pellets. My cats are very flexible about their litter boxes, so the immediate, complete changeover in two boxes was a success. They accepted the pellets readily, and I was amazed at the absence of dust.

Strange-Looking Pellets

Yesterday's News looks odd, almost like pellets of hamster or guinea pig food, and the dark color makes you look twice because it looks like the box is soiled even when it is not. This litter is actually suitable for rabbits and ferrets and as small animal bedding. I quickly discovered that the pellets track, although not as much as the crystals, but they are easier to see and pick up due to size and color.

Odors Develop Quickly

I used the unscented version of Yesterday's News, which also has no odor control additives. I did not notice an unpleasant odor in the area around the boxes, but the urine smell was very strong inside when I scooped them. The used litter gets soggy, and it's difficult to scoop out soiled litter and leave the clean pellets behind, so I ended up completely emptying the boxes every day or two.

I quickly learned to use a small amount of Yesterday's News on a daily basis so I could empty the boxes without going through the litter too quickly. Eventually I switched one of the boxes back to crystal litter and kept Yesterday's News in one box where I want to be able to easily see and sweep up the litter.

My cats seemed to dig less in Yesterday's News than in crystal litter, and the solid pellets did not seem uncomfortable for their paws. Purina offers a softer textured version for more sensitive cats. They never missed the litter box while using this product, but I always have some Nature's Miracle Just For Cats Stain And Odor Remover on hand just in case.

I recommend this product if you are ecology-minded, but you must be judicious about cleaning your cat's litter box every day if you opt for Yesterday's News. Stick to a traditional product with beefed-up odor control if you tend to be a bit lazy about scooping duty or your cats are fussy and prefer traditional litter consistency.

Do not try Yesterday's News if you use an automated litter box like the Litter Robot. Most automated boxes require scoopable litter.

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