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Review of Quit It! Instant Pet Trainer

A Safe Way to Discipline Your Cat or Dog

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Quit It! Instant Pet Trainer

Quit It! Instant Pet Trainer.

Barb Nefer

My cats are pretty well-behaved. They use their litter boxes most of the time, and the majority of their scratching is confined to their scratching posts rather than my furniture. However, they do have their naughty behaviors, like jumping on the kitchen counters or dining table.

Like most pet owners, my main disciplinary tactic is hollering at my defiant felines, who normally look at me like, "What on earth do you want?" They'll jump down if I get up and head toward them, but other than that, they're not too intimidated if I just yell.

Enter Quit It! Instant Pet Trainer, a new product that comes in a spray can and does the "yelling" for you. Its hissing sound is supposed to effectively nip bad feline and canine behavior in the bud, so I gave it a go to see if it would get my cats' attention.

An As Seen on TV Pet Product

Quit It! Instant Pet Trainer is an "as seen on TV" product. Although I'm often skeptical of infomercial claims, I've actually found some excellent TV goodies both for my pets (for example, the Sunny Seat window seat and the Pet Rider seat cover), as well as for myself (I love my Nutribullet and Jillian Michaels workout DVDs). Thus I was quite interested to see if this product performs as advertised.

I know that some pet trainers advise putting pennies in a can and shaking it at your cat or dog to deter bad behavior, but I've never actually tried it. I did try the old water gun trick with my previous set of cats, but one of them loved water so he thought I was playing, and the other made sure the gun wasn't within close range before he did naughty things. Darned smart kitties!

I figured that Quit It! would be similar to using the "pennies in a can" method, but with a less harsh sound. I armed myself with the sample can I'd received to review and waited for kitty misbehavior.

Discourages Defiant Kitties

My cats must have known something was up, as they were little angels who acted like they'd never even dream of going up on the table for the first several days. Eventually temptation got the best of them, and I caught Stitch reclining comfortably in the no-no spot.

I quickly grabbed my can of Quit It! and let 'er rip. It does indeed make a hiss that's loud enough to be prominent without being obnoxious. Stitch stared at me quizzically at the first blast. I didn't say anything, just sprayed it again and still got the same look. Third time was a charm; he decided he didn't like the sound, so he jumped down and ran off. There was no smell at all from the product, just the noise.

I soon learned that with consistent use, your pet will recognize the Quit It! can and stop the unwanted behavior before you even deploy the sound. That's similar to my previous experience with a water gun, but without the risk that you'll have a crazy water-loving cat. Also, you have to remember to fill a water gun, and it gets messy when it leaks. It's so much easier to simply use a can.

Some Pets Might Not Respond

I was very pleased with Quit It! when using it with Stitch, but a little further experimentation revealed that it's effective with most dogs and cats, but not all. The majority of pooches and kitties I tried it out on didn't like the noise and either responded to it right away or within two or three blasts, but some just stared or ignored it.

The only reason I deducted a star was because of this variance. Odds are good that your pet will respond, but there's a possibility your cat or dog will be indifferent to the sound. The product is $10 per can before shipping and handling, with a second can free, so it's worth a try if you're looking for a simple, non-messy deterrent. I think it would have been very useful back in the days when I had my old cat, Vinnie, and fought an ongoing battle with him of water gun vs. cat scratching on the door jamb to get me out of bed to feed him.

I've got another possible use in mind, although I haven't tried it yet. As a jogger, I sometimes encounter loose dogs, and thankfully I haven't run into an aggressive one yet. However, I suspect Quit It! might be a good way to scare off a dog without subjecting it to something more harsh, like pepper spray, if you sense a threat.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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