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Royal Canin Selective Cat Food Review

This Food Won Over My Fussy Felines

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Canin Selective Aromatic Attraction Cat Food

Royal Canin Selective Aromatic Attraction Cat Food.

Royal Canin

I have four very fussy felines, each with his own tastes. Three of them like both canned and dry food, while the fourth restricts himself to dry only. Finding cat food they like is a continual game of roulette. We spin the wheel each time we buy a new brand or flavor. Sometimes it comes up a winner, and sometimes it's a waste of money because the bowls go untouched.

Royal Canin recognizes the selective nature of cats, and they worked that into their appropriately-named Selective line of dry cat food. I had the chance to try several varieties on my feline family, and amazingly, they loved every type.

Different Types for Different Cats

Royal Canin offers three different types of cat food in its Selective line, each designed to appeal to felines in a different way:

  • Aromatic Attraction is meant for cats who are attracted to food by an appealing smell.
  • Savor Sensation appeals to cats based on both its texture and taste, with a mixture of two pellet types and flavors.
  • Protein Preference is for cats who like a food that is heavy in protein, which is a comfort food for felines.

I predicted that the protein and aromatic formulas were the most likely versions to appeal to my cats, and I hoped that the savor-type food might please my older feline, who is very particular about dry food particles. He ends up spitting most dry food into his water bowl, then picking it out with his paw when it's fully saturated.

Royal Canin Taste Test

My four cats run the gamut in age, tastes, and personalty, so they make great test subjects. I have a two-year-old, two middle-agers, and one crotchety elderly feline.

I put Royal Canin to my usual test when trying out new foods. We have two automatic dry cat food feeders, so I filled one with a brand that I know my cats like and put Royal Canin in the other. I started off with Aromatic Attraction, and I don't know if it was the smell or what, but all four cats went to that bowl immediately. There were absolutely no palatability problems. They finished the Royal Canin before the other food container.

My results with the same with both the Savor Sensation and Protein Preference, although my older cat dunked every kind in his water bowl. I think he's just too old to change his ways. The cats reacted with excitement to each of the three varieties and cleaned out the Royal Canin feeder first every time.

Complete Product Line

The Selective line is just one small part of Royal Canin's offerings. Although I did not test their other cat foods, they have everything from foods based on your cat's life stage to formulas geared to indoor cats and medical conditions like diabetes, dental health, and kidney problems. You can even buy breed-specific foods for popular feline types like Persian, Siamese, and Maine Coon.

Since Royal Canin is a premium food, expect to pay more than the mainstream grocery store brands. You'll quickly discover that you get what you pay for, especially if you have a hard-to-please cat.

Nutritionally Sound

I like the fact that Royal Canin mixes good taste and appeal with nutritional completeness. The foods contain nutrients like biotin and Omega 6 fatty acids to promote a healthy coat. They're also formulated to help you moderate your cat's weight, although they're not diet foods.

Royal Canin is readily available through major retailers, so you won't have to hunt around for it if your cats like it. Based on my own test results, I'm betting that they will.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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