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Vetericyn Wound and Infection Care Review

Perfect For Multiple Pet Households

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Vetericyn Wound and Infection Care

Vetericyn Wound and Infection Care comes in convenient spray bottles.

Barb Nefer

When I say I'm an animal lover, I put my money where my mouth is. I currently have four cats, a Quaker parrot, a horse, and two guinea pigs. The only reason I don't have a dog is because of my crazy schedule.

Animals always seem to get themselves into little scuffles. They get minor scratches and scrapes that don't need a vet but that might need some help healing. Vetericyn Would and Infection Care is the perfect product for those occasions because it works for multiple species.

A Multi-Purpose Wound Spray

Vetericyn Would and Infection Care spray is truly a multi-purpose product. Besides working on everything from pocket pets to dogs and cats to horses, it also helps with a variety of injuries and conditions.

This wound spray treats treats and prevents infections. It's good for rain rot on horses, hot spots on dogs and cats, ear infections, yeast infections, and even rashes.

The product is advertised as being a non-stinging formula, and this appeared to be true when I tested it on a cat, guinea pig, and horse. None of the animals flinched or acted distressed when I applied the medication.

I like the fact that this product has a non-irritating formula, and it's also safe if an animal licks or ingests it. Cats are notoriously famous for deciding to wash off anything you try to put on them, so I only use non-toxic products on their skin.

Helps with Healing

The main use for which I tested Vetericyn Wound and Infection Care spray was for treating those little cuts and scrapes that always seem to happen with my cats. I've got four rambunctious felines, so they're always indulging in rough and tumble games. Three of them like to pick on my feral cat, so he often ends up with scratches.

We recently had the feral cat shaved because he has a problem with matting hair, despite my attempts at regular deshedding (he's not very easy to handle, although the Thundershirt for Cats did calm him down). The very short hair on most of his body made him more vulnerable than usual to the other cats.

I used the Vetericyn spray on some of his scratches, and it really did seem to soothe them and help them heal. He didn't mind having it sprayed on his wounds, and they all healed nicely, with no signs of infection.

My guinea pigs aren't too accident prone, but they do have spats from time to time. When I got home from a short vacation, I noticed that Quinn had a scratch on her nose. I don't know whether she had a fight with Amy, or whether she managed to do it herself somehow, but I didn't want it to get infected. I dabbed on some Vetericyn until it healed and there were no problems.

Good for Accident Prone Horses

I was especially interested in how Vetericyn Wound and Infection Care spray would work on my horse, Figment. He's an accident prone horse who finds everything possible in the pasture to cut himself with. He also have extremely sensitive skin and is prone to rashes and breakouts. I normally use Swat ointment on his cuts or the patches where he loses hair, but I was anxious to see how Vetericyn would perform.

The spray really soothed his skin and cut down on his facial rash. I saw an improvement in healing times, too. It was very easy to apply with the spray bottle, since he's used to fly spray. It's definitely a barn essential if you have a clumsy or thin-skinned horse.

Readily Available

You'll pay about $30 and up for a 16 ounce spray bottle of Vetericyn Wound and Infection Care spray, depending on where you buy it. Other sizes are also available. Shop around online to find the best deal. It's a great addition to your pet first aid kit.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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