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Pet Infomercial Product Reviews

Do Popular As-Seen-On-TV Products Really Work?


Pet products are big business on informercials and via websites. Most of them eventually make their way into pet shops and mainstream stores if you don't want to give out your credit card number online or over the phone.

Many of these products make sweeping claims, but do they live up to their promises? The list below includes unbiased reviews of several pet products sold online and through infomercials.

FURminator Deshedding Tool for Cats, Dogs & Other Pets

Barb Nefer

The FURminator is an infomercial product aimed at an age-old problem: cats, dogs, and other household pets tend to leave a furry coating on everything they touch, and even some things they don't. The FURminator claims to reduce shedding by getting an amazing amount of hair off your pet's coat, and my full review reveals whether it's really up to the task.

You can buy this product online, and it's also readily available in many pet stores.

ShedMonster Deshedding Tool for Cats and Dogs

Barb Nefer

The ShedMonster is another deshedding tool which claims to remove your pet's hair more gently than other models. The blades on this grooming tool have a different shape than many other comparable groomers, and it's also lower in price. My full review reveals whether its unique design is effective.

The ShedMonster can be ordered, or pick it up at your favorite pet store if you want to avoid the shipping and handling charges.

SmartScoop Automatic Litter Box

SmartScoop Litter Box
Barb Nefer

Like many infomercial products, the SmartScoop promises to make a universally dreaded task much easier. This electronic litter box scoops itself each time your cat uses it. All you have to do is periodically empty out the waste receptable.

Just plug in the box and it senses when a cat hops in and out, then triggers an electric rake to clean out the used litter clumps after a set time elapses. No muss, no fuss, no odor.

Does that sound too good to be true? My four cats up the SmartScoop to the test, and my review gives the results.

SmartScoop is available online, and you can also find it at various retailers.

Litter Robot Automatic Litter Box

Litter Robot
Barb Nefer

The Litter Robot automatic litter box puts a new spin (literally) on electric litter boxes. Most look like regular boxes for the most part and work by having a rake comb through the litter and deposit the waste into a receptacle.

The Litter Robot is a round, space age-looking gadget that cleans itself in an ingenious way. After your cat hops in and does his business, the entire unit rotates, dropping the yucky clumps into a collection drawer in the unit's base.

Does the Litter Robot live up to its claims and price tag? I give its pros and cons in my review. This product is available for ordering online.

Zero Odor Pet Stain Remover

Zero Odor stain remover
Barb Nefer

Dogs, cats, and other household critters have "oops" moments every now and then that call for a high-powered stain remover. Plenty of products claim to be able to clean up after those mishaps, leaving no evidence behind.

I recently put one such product, Zero Odor Pet Stain Remover, to the test, since my four cats are accomplished mess makers. My review reveals whether this removal product was able to conquer their yucky hairball stains.

Zero Odor Pet Stain Remover is available online and at stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Sunny Seat Cat Window Seat

Sunny Seat
Barb Nefer

All cats, and most especially felines who always live indoors, love to watch the outside world go by. Sunny Seat is a product that lets you give your cat a view, even in a spot that isn't big enough to put a traditional perch attached to a scratching post.

The Sunny Seat attaches to your window with suction cups and provides a comfy canvas seat. My review reveals whether this product is sturdy enough to stand up to massive 20 pound cats. You can order the Sunny Seat online for your own cats if they need a new place in the sun.

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