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Make Your Own Halloween Costumes For Dogs And Cats

Ghost And Super Hero Costumes For Dogs And Sailor Costumes For Cats


Pet stores sell cute dog and cat costumes around the holidays, like an adorable Puss in Boots outfit for felines at Petco.

If you're creative or want to save a little money, it's easy to make pet costumes for Halloween yourself. The list below links to videos that show you how to make two dog costumes and one cat costume with just a few materials and steps.

Video: Make Your Own Ghost Costume For Dogs

Ghost Costume for Dogs

Would you like to turn your dog into a ghostly specter this Halloween? As you can see in the "Costumes for Dogs: Ghost" video, it's easy to make a quick, comfortable ghost costume for your canine.

The video gives instructions for making a costume for a medium sized dog. However, you can customize the costume to fit any size dog, from toy breeds all the way up to Great Danes.

Video: Make Your Own Super Hero Costume For Dogs

Super Hero Costume For Dogs

Is your dog more of a hero than a haunt? If so, check out the "Make Your Own Costume for Dogs: Super Hero" video to learn how to transform your mild-mannered pet into souped-up super version.

Like the ghost costume, the super hero costume is relatively easy to make, as you can see in the video. It lets you use your own creativity as you design and decorate an emblem for your pet. Customize it to your canine's size and breed.

Video: Make Your Own Sailor Costume For Cats

Sailor Costume For Cats

Felines don't have to be left out of the Halloween fun. Most cats might hate water, but that doesn't mean you can't dress them up in a jaunty little sailor outfit. Check out the supply list and steps in the "Costumes for Cats: Sailor" video.

The sailor suit is easy to make, as you can see in the video. It's very cute, yet it's unobtrusive enough to be worn by finicky felines without distressing them.

Like the dog costumes, the cat sailor costume can be customized to the size of your cat. Although feline sizes and shapes don't vary as much as canines do, there's still enough of a difference to require tailoring the fit.

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