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Lickety Stik Dog and Cat Treat Review

A Unique Goodie for Your Pet

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Lickety Stik

Mewsette says, "Bring on the Lickety Stik."

Barb Nefer

When you think of dog or cat treats, you probably think of a small soft or crunchy goodie that you hand out to your pet. Lickety Stik is a unique product that changes the entire concept of giving a treat. Your dog or cat licks the tasty liquid from a small bottle.

The Lickety Stik method means that your pet gets an enjoyable goodie that's also low in calories. I wasn't sure how my cats would react, but my latest feline adoptee gives Lickety Stik a big purr of approval.

Liquid in Dog and Cat Friendly Flavors

As I mentioned, Lickety Stik is a liquid treat. It comes in a bottle with a roller that your dog or cat licks to get its reward. Think of it as similar to a roll-on deodorant bottle, but with much tastier contents. The company makes separate products for felines and canines, with dog flavors like beef, peanut butter, and sharp cheese and cat flavors like dairy, salmon, and tuna.

While this product is good as a treat for any pet, it's particularly appropriate for chunky cats and dogs because there's only one calorie in every 20 licks for cats or ten licks for dogs. The liquid has added vitamins, making it beneficial for your pet.

Lickety Stik is particularly good for dog training because of the low calories and the fact that the little bottle is easy to carry. You'll find it recommended as a training aid in this video on five training supplies for dogs.

Fussy Cats Put It To The Test

Lickety Stik

Lickety Stik comes in a convenient bottle.

Barb Nefer

I have four fussy cats who are used to typical treats like Temptations and Zukes G-Zees. They're all rather chunky, so they can use a good low calorie option. When I initially offered them a Lickety Stik, they had no idea what to do with it. They were very much attracted by the smell, but they just didn't get the idea of licking the roller ball.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to share a feline opinion on the treat, but then my oldest cat passed away and I adopted another older kitty. One of her quirks is licking anything and everything, so I decided she'd be a perfect candidate.

Sure enough, my new cat Mewsette took to the Lickety Stik immediately. She seemed to really enjoy the flavor and was perfectly willing to lick it for as long as I'd allow.

I had no such confusion problems with my test dogs. Canines are more prone to unfettered licking, so they seem to get the concept immediately.

Lickety Stik definitely passes the taste test once your pet gives it a try, and I love the low calorie angle. The only reason I deducted half a star was as a warning that some cats (and possible some dogs, although the risk is low) might not get the hang of it My other cats are still perplexed. They watch Mewsette happily lick away at the bottle, but they just sniff and stare at me when I offer it to them.

Reasonably Priced and Convenient

Lickety Stik is a reasonably priced treat for your feline or canine. If you shop around, you can find the cat varieties for about $3 and the dog varieties for about $6.

If you're training your dog, you want to cut back on calories for your pooch or kitty, or you just want to try something new, Lickety Stik is a great option. I'm a little disappointed that all my cats couldn't figure it out, but I think Mewsette is glad because she gets to keep all the goodness for herself.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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