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Review of Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna For Cats

A Delicious Way To Pamper Your Kitties

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Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna

SheiKra says, "Stop taking pictures and give me some Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna!"

Barb Nefer

My cats love to be spoiled...well, at least three of them do. They get fun things like catnip and playthings like laser pointers or wand toys.

Most of my kitties also like good things to eat. Stitch won't eat treats of any kind, or even canned food. He exists quite happily on a diet of dry crunchies. The other three are all about gourmet treats, so when they got the chance to try Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna, they were in Kitty Heaven.

Perfect For Seafood Loving Cats

My trio of treat-loving cats are all very partial to seafood. I buy them a variety of flavors of canned food, and they'll eat things like chicken or beef, but they have a marked preference for creatures that come out of the aea.

Normally I give them dry treats, so when I had a chance to test Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna on them, I was anxious to see how they would react. Sure enough, as soon as I opened the package, all three beggars were at my feet asking for a taste. Even my feral cat, who spends most of his time hiding but who can be coaxed out with goodies, wanted in on this new treat.

Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna comes in strips so it's easy to serve. I broke it up into smaller pieces, since my fussy boys prefer bite-sized chunks rather than large strips. While I was preparing it, I was surprised at how much it looked like human grade food.

My cats went through an entire package in one sitting, but if you only have one feline or want to serve it in a smaller portion, the unused tuna can be refrigerated.

Environmentally Friendly

My cats liked Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna for its flavor, but I liked the fact that it's environmentally friendly in two ways. First, it's made from dolphin-safe tuna, so I don't have to worry about innocent marine mammals being harmed. Second, the fishing fleets that provide the tuna stop fishing for four months each year to promote sustainability of the tuna population.

Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna is also good for cats It's high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which help promote a healthy coat and joint health. This is especially important for my feral cat, who is nearly 16 years old and arthritic. I'm always happy with products that might benefit his painful joints.

The maker of this product says that it's also good for dogs. I didn't test it on any canines, but dogs who have a taste for seafood can benefit from the fatty acids, too.

A Special Treat

Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna isn't as convenient or cost effective as dry treats. My cats know the rattle of the treat container for their dry goodies, and they come running whenever they hear that. It's not as easy to keep the tuna strips on my desk as it is a canister or bag of traditional treats.

However, Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna is perfect as a special treat that goes above and beyond the little dry nuggets. My cats like a variety of different goodies, like Cosmic Cat Tuna Flakes and Pet Greens fresh grass. I see the tuna strips as being on a par with those items. They're not everyday treats, but rather something special served up a few times a month for extra pampering.

Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna costs about $9 to $10 per package, depending on where you buy it. With three cats who enjoy it, I pretty much get a single serving out of one pack. If you have fewer felines, it'll go farther in your house.

Dry treats are more budgetary, so they're the staple in our house, but this tuna is great for an occasional treat. Cats have never forgotten that they were once worshiped by ancient Egyptians, so goodies like Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna are a nice way to show them that felines are still appreciated.

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