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3 Ways to Walk Your Dog With Special Leashes

These Leashes Offer Safety, Security and Fun


A leash is a simple product, right? You attach one end to your dog's collar, grab the other end, and go for a walk.

Actually, not all leashes are created equal, as the three products on this list show. You can get leashes geared for safety if you walk your dog at night, leashes to make walking easier if your dog likes to pull, and even leashes that let you exercise easily with your canine companion if you like to bike.

1. Dog Wrappers Reflective Leashes

Dog Wrappers Reflective Leashes and Collars
Dog Wrappers

When a dog's gotta go, a dog's gotta go...even if it's late at night or early in the morning, before the sun rises. Dog Wrappers leashes and collars incorporate a reflective strip that makes your dog highly visible to avoid accidents. Dog Wrappers come in pink, blue, green, and black so your pooch can be both safe and fashionable.

2. Walkadog Trainer Leash

Walkadog Trainer
Barb Nefer

Some dogs get a little ramumbunctious while being walked or don't stay in the proper position. Kids and senior citizens sometimes have trouble controlling energetic canines.

The Walkadog Trainer eliminates pulling problems and keeps your dog in the proper position. The rigid leash is lightweight and gives you more leverage. It's fully adjustable so you can use it on any dog, from a Shitzu to a St. Bernard. The Walkadog Trainer is a simple and humane solution for keeping your canine under control during walks without a lot of pulling, tugging, and frustration.

3. Springer Leash for Biking With Your Dog

Springer Dog Walker for Bicycles
Springer America

The Springer leash is made especially for safe biking with your dog. Energetic canines love to jog along as their owners bike, and the Springer keeps both dog and rider safe.

The device has a sturdy spring that absorbs up to 90 percent of any unexpected pulls or tugs if your dog suddenly veers away. The safety release instantly frees the dog if he gets inadvertently wrapped around a tree, pole, or any other object. The Springer installs on your bike's seat stem or frame.

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