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Dog Products and Supplies

Puppies and dogs are considered as family members in many households, and as a dog owner you might by anything from basic supplies to treats, special toys, and even blinged-out collars and cute little outfits. This section contains reviews on everything from core supplies like food and flea control products to all the fun little extras.
  1. Dog Calming Products (6)
  2. Dog Dental Care Products (4)
  3. Dog Food and Dog Bowls (10)
  4. Dog Grooming Tools, Hair Control & Removal (13)
  5. Dog Memorial Products (1)
  6. Dog Supply Basics (15)
  7. Dog Toy Reviews (14)
  8. Dog Treat Reviews (10)
  9. Essential Dog Products (9)
  10. Flea, Tick and Insect Control (1)
  11. Fun Dog Products (13)
  12. Gifts for Dog Owners (6)
  13. Odor Control and Stain Removal Reviews (7)
  14. Products and Information For Dog Owners (7)
  15. Seasonal Dog Products (18)
  16. Traveling With Your Dog (5)

Dog Food Recalls And Dog Product Recalls
A list of the most recent dog food and dog product recalls, including food, toys, and other potentially dangerous dog supplies and products.

Dog And Cat Product Reviews
A list of in-depth product reviews and information on supplies for dogs and cats. Reviewed products include food, treats, odor controllers, litter boxes, grooming, leashes, collars, toys, costumes, gift items, and many other popular feline and canine supplies.

Review of Silver Tails Pet Bed Covers
A review of Silver Tails pet bed covers at mats for older dogs and cats.

Choosing Pet Food and Handling Cat And Dog Food Recalls
These videos will help you choose the best pet food for your dog or cat. They'll also show you where to find more information on pet food recalls and how to handle the situation if your dog or cat food is recalled.

Vetericyn Wound and Infection Care Review
A review of Vetericyn Wound and Infection Care spray, which works on dogs and many other types of animals for a variety of conditions.

Products to Fight Dog Obesity
Americans are getting larger, and their pets are struggling with obesity problems, too. These products will help you trim down your canine and help him stay healthy.

Comfy Control Dog Harness Review
The Comfy Control Harness is a more comfortable way to walk your dog when compared to a collar, especially if the dog pulls.

How to Choose Safe Dog Food and Dog Treats
In the wake of the many recent dog food and dog treat recalls, it's important to know how to choose the right products to help keep your dog safe.

PetRider Seat Cover Review
A review of the PetRider seat cover, a product that works in your car for doggy rides, as well as on your furniture.

Leash Locket Review
A review of the Leash Locker, a retractable leash with a twist: your dog carries it for you. It fits on his collar or harness.

Five Important Steps if Your Cat or Dog Food is Recalled
It's scary when you find out that food or treats you've been giving your dog have been recalled. These five steps will help you handle the situation.

3 Ways to Walk Your Dog With Special Leashes

Review of the Sunbeam Sonic Egg: It Stops Both Barking and Whining Humanely
The Sunbeam Sonic Egg is an ultrasonic device that stops unwanted barking and whining. It does this humanely, using an annoying sound that only your dog will hear.

Doggie Doo Right Dog Leash Pouch Review
The Doggie Doo Right Dog Leash Pouch is a great hands-free way to make sure you always have clean-up bags on hand to pick up after your dog when he leaves a mess.

Nootie Soothing Aloe and Oatmeal Pet Shampoo Review
A review of Nootie pet shampoo, which works great for dogs. It has a nice smell and earth-friendly ingredients, and it does the job to clean your pooch.

Soggy Doggy Slopmat Review
The Soggy Doggy Slopmat is an absorbent mat that has a variety of uses. It's a great versatile mat for any dog owner.

Pet Qwerks Puppy Puck Dog Toy Review
The Pet Qwerks Puppy Puck is a fun toy that dogs can chase and chew as it rolls, flies, and bounces.

Booster Bath Dog Bathtub Review
The Booster Bath is a handy way to give your dog a bath without taking a toll on your back. It positions your pet in a convenient way to simplify bath time.

Fab Dog Raincoat Review
A review of the Fab Dog raincoat, a useful piece of clothing for dogs.

Tagg Pet Tracker for Dogs and Cats
The Tagg Pet Tracker for dogs and cats helps find lost pets and also tracks their activity level.

FDA Posts Facts About Chinese Jerky Treats

Light-Up and Reflective Products Make Your Dog Safer
When walking your dog after dark, products like the Kurgo Reflect and Protect Vest and the IllumiDog collar offer extra visibility.

H-Clip Makes Handling Dog Poop Bags a Little Easier
The H-Clip is a great way to carry dog poop bags, whether they're empty or full. It attaches easily to your leash.

Petlinks Open Season Indoor-Outdoor Pet Bed Review
The Petlinks Open Season Indoor Outdoor Dog Bed is a great option for your dog that can be used indoors or out.

LazyBonezz Lazy Jogger Review
The LazyBonezz Lazy Jogger is a perfect stroller for walking with your small dog.

Motorola Scout1
The Motorola Scout1 is a pet camera that allows you to watch your dogs and cats remotely. This review explains how it works.

Three Types of Dog Beds Your Pet Might Enjoy
Dog beds come in a variety of styles, so it's easy to find a bed that's just right for your pooch.

Four Important Supplies to Bring to the Kennel With Your Small Dog
If you have a small dog, remember to bring these four items if you drop him at a kennel for the day. They'll make his stay a lot more comfortable.

Power Paws Dog Sock Review
Power Paws are dog socks to protect your dog from the heat and cold. They also provide added traction.

MyPillow for Pets Dog Bed Review
The MyPillow Dog Bed is a durable, washable option for your dog's sleeping spot.

Oster RapidBath for Dogs Review
The Oster RapidBath makes bathing your dog or horse much easier because it automatically disperses the soap. It mixes right into the water so you don't have to lather up your pup.

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