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5 Fun Dog Products

You'll Like Them as Much as Your Dog Does


Go beyond run-of-the-mill dog toys, treats, and leashes, with these five fun and unusual dog products. They're all great for dog owners and make perfect holiday gifts for hard-to-shop-for canine loving friends.

1. Pup-Casso Art Kit

The Pup-Casso Dog Painting art kit
Photo courtesy of Art-Casso

Humans like to paint animals, and now the tables have turned. Your canine friend just might have an inner artist waiting to come out, but you'll never know unless you order a Pup-Casso Art Kit.

The best thing about this kit is that your dog can create its own personalized painting without making a mess. You can hang the results proudly on the fridge, or maybe even frame them and have visitors marvel at your canine's modern-art masterpiece. Cats aren't left out of the fun, as there's a Kitty-casso Kit just for them.

2. Humunga Stache

Humunga Stache Dog Toy
Photo courtesy of Moody Dog

Has your dog ever wanted to don a disguise and go incognito? Buy him a Humuga Stache and even his pack pals won't recognize him! The Humunga Stache is a fun pet toy that's sure to get a chuckle out of everyone who sees your canine playing with it.

3. Freezy Pups Frozen Treat Kit

Freezy Pups Frozen Treat Kit
Photo courtesy of Freezy Pups

Dogs love treats, and it's fun to give them some variety. Homemade popsicles aren't just for the kids; Freezy Pups Kits come with everything you need to make a cold, tasty organic treat. These treats help your dog stay hydrated in the summer.

What lucky pup wouldn't love frozen goodies in flavors like White Cheddar, Juicy Apple, and Sweet Potato and Maple, or Chicken Soup? The initial kit includes a sample pack of all four flavors, and you can order refills of your pup's favorites.

4. Dog Adoption Announcements

Personalized dog adoption announcement
Photo courtesy of InvitationBox.com

You're excited about your new puppy or dog, so why not share the good news with your friends? Invitation Box has a full selection of dog adoption (and cat) announcements that you can personalize with your pet's picture. These cute invitations are perfect for any new pet parent. The maker, InvitationBox, also offers personalized dog and cat address labels with your pet's photo.

5. Booster Bath

Booster Bath
Photo courtesy of Booster Bath

Does your dog hate the thought of bathtime, or does she love a good scrubbing? Either way, the Booster Bath brings a new twist to the old task of bathing your canine with a convenient doggy bath basin.

The elevated tub makes washing your pet easier, with no uncomfortable bending over the bathtub or a floor-level washtub. The snap-on legs make it easy to assemble and store, and you can even get optional stairs so you don't have to struggle with lifting in a squirming pooch.

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