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Review Of The Corn-N-Straw Tunnel For Guinea Pigs And Other Pocket Pets

A Fun Toy For Hiding And Chewing

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Corn-N-Straw Tunnels

My guinea pig, Borat, in his playpen with two Corn-N-Straw Tunnels.

Barb Nefer

My guinea pigs each have their own personalities, likes, and dislikes. Amy prefers hanging out in her igloo, while Borat loves running through tunnels. He must have been a lab rat in a previous life because he'll navigate any configuration I set up for him.

I use a variety of materials, like boxes, paper bags, Flex-E Fun-Nels, and crinkle tunnels for Borat, and one of his favorite tunnel pieces is the Corn-N-Straw Tunnel by Ware. Not only does he love to navigate it, but both he and Amy enjoy chewing the cardboard and straw.

Versatile For Different Types Of Pocket Pets

Most pocket pets are rodents, yet different species vary widely in their needs. For example, smaller animals, like mice, rats, hamsters, and gerbils, like to burrow, nest, and chew. Guinea pigs aren't as crazy about burrowing and digging, but they enjoy hiding and will sometimes chew as well, even though they wear their teeth down by eating hay.

Corn-N-Straw Tunnels are suitable for small to medium-sized pocket pets because they come in three sizes, and they offer something for each type of animal. For example, smaller pocket pets love to chew them as well as use them as hang-outs. Larger pocket pets also like to gnaw on the straw and will use them for both exercise and as a resting spot.

This is very apparent with my two guinea pigs. I like to link a couple of Corn-N-Straw Tunnels together for Borat, using cardboard boxes or paper bags as connectors, when I have him in his pen for floor time. He thinks it's great fun to run through them again and again.

Meanwhile, Amy is more sedentary during floor time. I give her a Corn-N-Straw Tunnel, and she uses it as a place to sit and hide or to much on veggies, which she snatches from my hand and carries into the tunnel. Neither she nor Borat are big chewers on toys, but they both do occasionally chomp on the tunnel's straw fringe.

Suitable For Cages

Although I usually use the Corn-N-Straw Tunnel when my piggies are out in their playpen, which I made from a child's swimming pool, I do sometimes give them a tunnel in their cages. I switch out their toys and hiding spots, and the tunnels are part of that rotation.

If you buy an appropriately sized Corn-N-Straw Tunnel for your pet's size and species, and if you have a large-enough cage, you should have plenty of room for the tunnel.

Both of my guinea pigs enjoy having their tunnels in their cages. Borat randomly goes through his, while Amy likes to spend time inside hers just relaxing. The only downside to the tunnel, especially when left in an animal's cage, is that many critters will urinate in it. This gets the tunnel yucky, since it's made from cardboard, so you have to replace it fairly frequently if your piggy, chinchilla, mice, rats, hamsters, or gerbils use it as a potty.

Long Lasting

If your pet doesn't soil the tunnel, it's pretty durable and long lasting. Some animals might chew their Corn-N-Straw Tunnels fairly rapidly, but my guinea pigs take several weeks to work their way through the straw fringe.

I always worry about loose pieces, dangerous materials, and other potential hazards for small animals, but these tunnels are pretty safe and solid. My only concern might be an eye poke from the long straw pieces that make up the body of the tunnel, but that's very unlikely unless your pet totally destroys it. At that point, you'd likely have replaced it already. Otherwise, the straw and cardboard combination is pretty harmless.

Their durability is a good thing, since they cost about $4 to $6 to replace, depending on the size and store. You can find them in some pet shops, as well as online.

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