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Bronco Fly Spray for Horses Review

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Bronco fly spray for horses.

Bronco fly spray for horses

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The Bottom Line

As a horse owner for nearly 30 years, I've tried just about every fly spray, from bargain varieties to expensive concoctions. Some work a little better than others, and some last longer, but nothing is 100 percent effective because, let's face it, equines are fly magnets. I've been using Bronco for a long time because it's inexpensive and very effective for the price.
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  • Very economical fly spray
  • Effective ingredients
  • Pleasant smelling
  • Not heavy/oily on horse's coat


  • Wears off quickly


  • Water-based spray with pyrethrin and permethrin
  • Citronella scented
  • Comes in 32 ounce spray bottles or one gallon bottles
  • Works on house flies, horn flies, stable flies, deer

Guide Review - Bronco Fly Spray for Horses Review

Horses are expensive critters, and in the hot months (which is nearly year 'round here in Florida) one of my biggest expenses is fly control products. I use fly masks, ointment, fly whisks, and, most important of all, fly spray. My horse, Figment, needs to be sprayed down when he's in the pasture, when I'm grooming him, and especially when I'm trail riding.

A Budget-Conscious Choice

You can spend $20 and up for fly sprays that promise to repel bugs like an invisible shield and last for days through dirt, sweat, and rainstorms, but I've discovered that in the long run, less expensive products are just as worthwhile. That's why bargain brand Bronco, which costs around $6 per 32 ounce spray bottle, has a permanent place in my tack trunk alongside the more pricey concoctions.

Reapply Frequently

I use Bronco around the barn and when I'm out trail riding. In Florida, the bugs are nearly unbearable during the hottest months, so I opt for something with a little more "oomph" in July and August. Bronco is fine the rest of the year, although it needs to be reapplied frequently. I have a saddle pad with pockets, and I carry a small spray bottle so I can stop out on the trails and refresh the spray as needed during long rides.

A Pleasant Product

Bronco is a pleasant product in several ways. I enjoy its light citronella scent and the fact that it's not heavy and oily. Being water-based means it doesn't last as long as clingy liquids, but it also doesn't attract dirt or bring up a layer of "yuck" from my horse's undercoat.

Someday, perhaps, scientists will develop a fly spray that's lethal to bugs if they even think about coming near your horse, and I'll pay big bucks for that innovation. In the meantime, I'll keep stocking up on Bronco for decent fly protection without breaking the bank.

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