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Review of Silver Tails Pet Bed Covers

Extra Comfort for Older Pets

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Silver Tails Dog Bed Cover

Silver Tails dog bed cover.

Barb Nefer

Dogs and cats are living longer and longer with improvements in diet and vet care. It's great to have our canine and feline friends with us for some extra years, but old age brings special health needs. Fortunately, pet supply companies like Silver Tails are making products to help older pets be more comfortable in the latter part of their lives.

Products Designed for Comfort

The Silver Tails product line is made up of a wide range of products to make life easier for senior pets. Some of the items include infrared massagers, toys, harnesses, and supplements. These products are based on holistic principles, using natural materials and techniques to improve old animals' quality of life.

Bamboo Charcoal Mats

Cat on Cover

One of my cats taking over the bed cover.

Barb Nefer

My cats had a chance to try out the product line's bamboo charcoal mats. You can get all-purpose mats and pet bed covers designed to increase an older dog or cat's comfort. The mats absorb moisture and odors and help keep pets warm. I have an older, arthritic cat who has trouble with stiffness and getting around, so I was eager to see if the mats could help him.

All four of my cats gathered 'round as I took the first mat out of its package. I laid it out on my bed, and one of my middle-aged cats immediately claimed it as his own. Felines are notorious for their love of warmth, and apparently the mat was living up to its promise, because he happily stayed there for much of the afternoon.

Once I managed to retrieve the mat, I put it in my senior cat's favorite resting spot, inside the closet. He's a former feral, so he tends to be suspicious of new things. He avoided it for the first few days, which was fine with the other cats, as they happily took it over. Eventually he tried it out, discovered its warmth-giving properties, and decided that he liked it. I have another cover that I leave on my bed, and the younger cats alternate on who gets to use it each night.

Easy Care

The bamboo charcoal mats are easy to care for. My old cat is long haired, and he's not fond of being brushed, which means that he sheds copious amounts of hair. I simply clean off the mat with my lint brush every few days and shake it out each week. True to its claims, it seems to resist odors, although I'll eventually wash it when needed. You can remove the bamboo charcoal insert when washing the mat and put it out in the sun, which recharges its healthy properties.

I know this product is meant for senior pets, and it's definitely a good option for them, but I wouldn't rule it out for cats (and even dogs) of any age. My younger cats still sneak an occasional rest on the mat when the old guy isn't around, and I know that many dogs like warmth and comfort as much as felines.

I like the mats' durability. They're well constructed and stand up to pet claws, fur, and other abuse. Their dark brown color lets them blend in with most decor. They come in different sizes to accommodate just about any pet size.

A Worthwhile Investment

If you have a senior dog or cat, I believe that Silver Tails pet bed covers and mats are a worthy investment. Your pet is very likely to recognize the warmth and comfort potential and to be attracted to the product very quickly. It's a simple way to help your old friend feel better and get a healthier, more sound rest.

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